Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Simple Hair/Makeup

A simple half-pulled back hairstyle and natural makeup made for the perfect duo for this fall family photoshoot! Beautiful!

Classic Bun

Simple. Sweet. Elegant. Perfection!

Simple Curls, Natural Makeup

Simple curls with a beautiful headband for a little pizazz. Natural yet dramatic makeup... isn't she stunning?!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Curls with a poof

Big round curls with a flower to add the perfect elegant touch! Gorgeous!

Sleek curls and smokey eyes

Sleek curls - not too formed and not too messy, with smokey eyes to match her black homecoming dress.

Sideswept curls "up"do

This is one of my most favorite hairstyles I have ever done! Perfect combination of simple and elegant. Don't you think it looks beautiful on her?!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Girls' Night Out!!!

I did these ladies' hair and makeup before going out to dinner... don't they look fabulous?! We had SO much fun!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Smokey Eyes and Curls

For Bethany (left), we did a soft smokey eye to compliment the gray and blue color scheme of the photo shoot. For Brianna (right), we did a darker smokey eye and big, round curls. Her hair holds curls VERY well, so the the curls were tighter than normal! Beautiful, aren't they?! I think so :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sideswept bun

Lots of curls, pinned to the side... little black flower to add some sass ;)

Simple Pulled Back

Simple and away from the face. Voila!

Short Hair Updo

She wanted the soft, romantic look of an updo, but had very short hair. We did big curls and then pinned them up/back to make it look like her hair was longer. Very fitting on her, don't you think? :)

Curls Pinned Back

Simple. Curls pinned back with a little "bling" in the back :) for Prom!

Romantic Curls

Soft, big, unformed curls for a very romantic feel. She was a beautiful bride!

Romantic Sideswept Curls

This was for her Highschool's annual formal. She wanted big curls, so we decided to bring them to the side to have more of a romantic feel. Soft purple makeup to make her beautiful brown eyes pop!

Messy/Fun Side Bun

This was for her Highschool's annual formal. She wanted something fun and different, and UP, not down :) We did purple makeup for a dramatic/nighttime effect and to compliment her BEAUTIFUL skin tone.

French Twist

She was having an Audrey Hepburn themed wedding shower, so of course we had to do a french twist! Her hair was down to her butt, so we had a time trying to get it to stay up!

Cascading curls

Very simple, yet elegant. Big round curls, away from the face, for a romantic look. Very beautiful if I do say so myself!

Side Bun

This is a very soft and elegant look. We curled her hair and then pinned it all to one side. More curls can be left down, or it can all be pinned up (shown).

Swept back curls

Her hair was very thick and didn't hold curl very well, so we curled it tighter (so it could fall) and then pulled some of the front back and away from her face. Simple - yet beautiful!

Hair & Makeup - Natural

This bride wore virtually no makeup in everyday life, so she just wanted something to naturally highlight how beautiful she really was. We did soft curls pinned back and neutral makeup.

Funky short hair updo

Her hair was very short, so we curled it and wrapped it up to mimic an updo. Bangs can be swept up (shown) or kept down for a softer look.

Classy Bun

Me and a friend worked together on this hairstyle.

This is a very simple hairstyle. She wanted a flower in her hair to coordinate with her dress, I thought it was a perfect little pop! The bangs can either be swept up or left down, depending on your preference. Isn't she a stunning bride?!