Monday, May 16, 2011

Swept Curls

Another beautiful sis-in-love. Do you see how much beauty I am surrounded with?! I love it, and I especially love when they let me have fun with their tresses and faces! We did curls and then swept them all to the side for a fun yet still elegant look that suits dancing quite well :) Throw in a smokey eye and wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am: a big time beauuuuuuty!

Oh, and p.s. - look at at my 3 beauties all together! Thanks sisters for letting me have fun with your hair and makeup! Sad I didn't get a pic of just Sarah, but doesn't she look AMAZING?!

Shortie hair UPdo!!!

I love playing with short hair because most of the beauties I get to work on have long hair. I do love me some LONG locks, but I just love the challenge of short hair! This beauty (one of my amazingly gorgeous sis-in-loves) has hair that sits just barely above her shoulders that is marvelously thick and voluminous, which equals about a bajillion bobby pins by the end of it all :) add a flower, smokey/sultry eyes, and a little oomph to the lashes - VOILA, a gorgeous beauty ready for a ball (or surprise party :D)!

"Chauvgnon" twist... with a twist!

I helped this beauty out with re-creating her wedding day look for a bridal photoshoot. We did a twist on the Chauvgnon twist (ha - I like saying that!) and dramatic copper eyes. She is BEAUTIFUL, don't you think?! Loved working with her!