Sunday, June 19, 2011

Time for more FAVS!

Hello to all my beauties out there! I've missed you all... I've been quite busy this wedding season so I'm sorry I haven't been around as much these past few weeks!

As always, I've been trying new products (never too busy for that!) and cannot wait to share some of them with you. I hope you enjoy, and as always - ask away!

How does my hair know that it's summer?! It seems like as soon as May rolled around, my hair almost instantly decided that it wanted to hold little to no moisture. No bueno, senoritas! So, of course, I had to do SOMEthing about this huge problem. I came across this little wonder worker at - where else - Target! I am in love. You rub a few squirts in before bed at night and it's a little magic worker... moisture when you wake up in the morning! I also want to try the mask treatments L'Oreal has, maybe I'll tell you about those in the next favs post!
L'Oreal EverStrong Overnight Repair Treatment, $5.99 (on sale right now, at Target!)

I am constantly on the lookout for a mousse that doesn't crispy-fy my hair. I know you know what I'm talking about - you put a big dob of mousse in your hair expecting volume, and all you get is crispy little sticky-outy pieces all over the top of your hair. NOT attractive. Alas, I have once again come to the rescue! I LOVE this mousse... I just picked it up last week and have been using it every time I straighten. It gives the perfect amount of volume without, well... the crispies. Plus - added bonus! It's a heat protectant too! LOVE!
Tresseme Thermal Creations Volumizing Mousse, $4.39 (find it at Target)

*glam tip: add a few dollops of this in damp hair. Blow dry in sections using a big, round brush to add smoothness and volume. Va-va-voom, baby!

I love finding that perfect lip color that's also the perfect consistency. This balm has just enough pinky color without looking too Barbie. We all love Barbie, butttt, unless you're 10... you don't really want her makeup palette - bright blue eyeshadow and pepto bismol lips. No thanks. Back to the balm - it's the perfect color and adds a ton of shine! No need to even add gloss over it. And no worries, it doesn't taste like cotton candy. Bleh - I hate when lipgloss tastes (or makes an attempt to taste) like 1. cherry 2. cotton candy 3. chocolate. EW. You will love this balm, and it comes in lots of other pretty colors, check them out!
Palladio Tinted Lip Balm in Cotton Candy, $3.99 (find it at Ulta)

Woohoo, another great mascara find! I am ALL about the L'Oreal mascara. They have got it DOWN, sisters! This mascara may look really, really strange... but let me tell ya! It is awesome. It separates and adds volume/thickens without clumping. Plus, it's great for getting those hard to reach little shorty lashes that hide in the corners of your eyes because of the weirdo ball shape that the wand is in. I was very skeptical when I first tried it, but I am a firm believer now! A friend also told me that I need to try L'Oreal's eyeshadow - that's next on my list so be on the lookout for it sometime soon here on the bloggy-blog!
L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara in Blackest Black, $7.59 (find it at Target, or Ulta!)

Well, that's all for now my beautiful friends. I'll be back soon though - my list of "must try" is growing by the day! Stay tuned for more posts!