Sunday, March 13, 2011

My "pretty" favorites

It's time for another favorites post!!! Keep the questions coming, I LOVE questions! P.s. - I answered the last few questions from my last post at the bottom :).

Here are a few of my makeup bag necessities. I've tried lots and lots of different brands, products, colors, consistencies... you name it, and these are the products that, in my opinion, win the "love" title. A little note... Ulta ALWAYS has good sales. Most of the time, their line of makeup has some sort of "buy one, get one" deal going on, as well as the other makeup lines they carry (Maybelline, Revlon, L'Oreal, Almay, Covergirl, etc...).
Clockwise from top left:
1. I've searched long and hard for the perfect moisturizer for my "I'm-not-really-sure-if-I-am-oily-or-dry extremely sensitive skin, and, alas - I triumphed with the WalMart offbrand of Aveeno! Love it - and it's pricetag!
Equate Absolutely Beaming Lotion, $4.96
(find it at WalMart, oh yes)
2. I feel like concealer is one of the trickiest items in a makeup bag. It can very easily draw more attention to your lovely little friends on your face, which is just a HUGE no-no in my book. The combination of these 2 (white first, colored second) creates an oh-so-perfect cover that, quite frankly, I need every once in awhile!
Maybelline Cover Sticks, $5.99 each (find them at Ulta)
3. Makeup brushes are usually hit or miss. Luckily, I scored some amazing, I repeat... A-MAZING, brushes on one of Target's "Daily Deals" for a sweet pricey-price and fell in brush-love. These are the perfect blend of softness and sturdiness. Love.
Sonia Kashuk Natural Wood brush set, $19.99 (find at Target)
4. Bronzer. This word conjures up a vision of a cakey, orange, unnatural mess in my mind. Luckily, Ulta has created a bronzer that is none of the 3. It is light, natural, and blends perfectly to nearly every skin tone (oh, and it is also NOT glittery. I hate gilttery bronzer! I am not 13 anymore, makeup makers! C'mon!). Plus, it lasts a really long time because it comes in quite a large pot!
Ulta Powder Bronzer (one shade only), $10.00 (find it at Ulta, obvi)

Clockwise from bottom left:

1. I always use an eyeshadow base. For multiple reasons, but mainly because I feel as if it makes the eyeshadow stick to my eyelids instead of flying away after batting my eyes a few hundred times throughout the day.
For shimmery shades, I use: ELF Shimmer Palate, $3.00 (find it at
For matte shades, I use: Revlon Creme Eyeshadow, $5.99 (find it at Ulta)
2. I feel as if I could say this about every item on my both of my lists, but eyeliner is one of the most important items in my bag and I feel like a lot of makeup companies skimp on it. It's very hard to find an eyeliner that stays where you put it, doesn't smear, and just isn't lousy all around. Never to fear, I, the makeup hero, can rescue the day! I have found what is the closest to eyeliner perfection for a pretty perfect little price!
Avon Ultra Luxury Eyeliner, $6.00 (find it
3. Ahhhh, mascara. Mascara! What girl can live without it?! This little baby right here is my pride and joy. I've tried many, many, m a n y little black tubes and was always, well, a little let down (as were my lashes - literally). What's a girl to do when every mascara out there is advertised by a model with FAKE lashes?! Helllllooo, we are not stupid, Maybelline. We know that there are approximately 3 girls in the entire world that have eyelashes that look like this when they put mascara on:

You're not fooling anyone. So stop with the tomfoolery and show us how the mascara really works. Ok, I shall step off my soapbox now. I have found THE perfect mascara. Try it. You'll love it. I recommend 3 coats, waiting for one coat to dry before the next goes on.
L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara in Blackest Black, $8.99 (find it at Ulta)
4. I've never been much of a fan of lipstick. Lipstick sounds so... businesswoman/granny. Say it: lipstick. I hear the word and get that taste in my mouth that can't really be described but only known if you've ever worn thick lipstick. Blech. No thank you. This lipstick, however, is marvelous. No weirdy taste, no caking in the corners of the lips, sheer enough to pass as gloss to your boyfriend (boys do not like I go for more of a sheer shade and use lip balm or gloss over it.
Ulta Silky Wear Sheer Lipcolor in Sheer Shine (say that 7 times fast), $8.00 (find it at Ulta)
5. This is the liquid counterpart to my ranting and raving about pencil eyeliner in number 2. The felt tip makes little room for blotchy errors. Don't be scared, it really is easy.
L'Oreal Lineur Intense in Carbon, $6.50 (find it at Target)
6. Last, but certainly one of the most lurvvvvved pieces in my bag! I believe every makeup bag needs a good smokey/blending eyeshadow. I use a smokey eyeshadow over my liner and in the outer corner of my eye to soften the look of eyeliner and widen the eye (I'll be doing a post later on a "how to" for my perfect smokey eye). This one is my absolute favorite and never has a chance to get lost in the bottom of my bag because I use it so often!
Ulta Eyeshadow in Molten, $7.00 (find it at Ulta)

Some answers!

1) If you have trouble with snail-pace hair growth, my recommendation is to use heat sparsely, condition well, and take a vitamin specifically for hair growth (such as Biotin). My favorites are:
Sundown Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamins, $11.49 (find it a Publix or CVS)
Sundown New Life Hair, $11.49 (find it at Publix or CVS)

2) For sustaining highlights AND moisture, I suggest doing what I do... which is alternating both. I never use the same shampoo EVERY time I wash (it's better for your hair when you switch it up), and then you accomplish both color brightening AND moisture... Voila! :) I wouldn't suggest using one or the other - use both. The more, the merrier! :)

Until next time, much love! Don't forget... ask away, hopefully I will be able to help YOU feel MORE beautiful. Toodles!